Get Your Vehicle Service Done by a Dealership

Purchasing a car is exciting. Having your car's maintenance done, however, can be anxious and stressful. When you buy a car from Tyler Ford, we'll work to provide the best maintenance service as well.

How do we do that? We employee technicians who are rigorously trained and know your vehicle better than anyone. Our brand-specific expertise can also mean that our repairs won't take as long as they might at a more general local mechanic's shop, saving you both money and time.

If you have a warranty with us, that can add even more value to maintenance performed under our roof. Many warranty policies cover a range of minor and basic maintenance issues. By your car back to the dealership you'll also get the benefits of high-quality OEM parts.

If that sounds like a good deal to you, you're not wrong. Drop us a line at our location in Tyler, TX. Our service center is equipped to deliver quality repair services. We'll do everything we can to ensure you're back on the road quickly in a car that runs the way it's supposed to.

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