Trouble Deciding Between Loans and Leases?

It helps to make up your mind whether you want to lease or buy your vehicle before you go to a dealership to find a new car.

If you plan to own your vehicle, you'll have higher monthly payments, but you'll spend less on the car in the long run. You'll also enjoy the benefits of being able to choose what you do with your car. Want to modify it? Go ahead. Hoping to take a bunch of long road trips? Go right ahead.
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Leasing a vehicle, meanwhile, means more restrictions. You have annual mileage caps. You also have to make sure you can return the car to the dealer in roughly the same shape it was in when your lease began. To balance these cons, however, you get lower monthly payments and the freedom to switch between cars every few years.

For an even greater understanding of the differences and benefits of both loans and leases, contact Tyler Ford in Tyler, TX. Our finance staff can give you more information to help you decide which option is best for you.

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