Tips to Help Your Avoid a Tire Blowout

Although a tire blowout can happen at any time, there are certain things that you can be doing today to minimize the chances it happens with your vehicle.

Carefully inspect the car tires each morning. What you are looking for are any signs that could result in the tire failing. Cracks in the side wall, uneven wear in the tread, or bulges anywhere on the tire, all signs of trouble and should be inspected by a professional.

When you see the tire pressure indicator go off on the dashboard, don't take this lightly. Get to a service station to put the appropriate amount of air in the tire. Too little pressure could cause the tire to blowout when driving. Keep a tire gauge in the glove box to check the air is at the right levels.

Be sure to stop by our service center here at Tyler Ford so we can inspect and rotate the car tires for you.

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