Put Safety First With Regular Suspension System Inspections

A solid, well-maintained suspension system can actually contribute to your safety and that of your passengers. To keep your suspension in good condition, it's essential for trained and experienced suspension experts to give your suspension components occasional checkups. Critical systems include:

  • Control Arm Bushings: These impact-resistors help to insulate metal parts of your suspension system from friction and impacts. Since it's cheaper to periodically replace bushings than it is to replace metal parts, regular bushing service can keep money in your pockets.
  • Tie-Rods: The tie-rods support and guide the control arm and hub carrier, and assist in steering. Thus, keeping them fit is of central importance.

These parts represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of suspension system parts. Things get much more complicated, but let us take the suspension-system repair and servicing burden off your shoulders. Here at Tyler Ford, our doors are always open, so stop in for a chat today.

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