Full-Size vs Spare Tire: Which is Best?

At some point in every driver’s life, they feel their vehicle shaking due to a flat tire. When that moment happens, many drivers don’t realize that there are two different options for a spare tire. These options are either full-size spare or a compact temporary spare.

Some vehicles come stocked with a full-size spare tire. If you find yourself in that situation, once you change the tire, you are free to drive your vehicle as you normally would and make sure that you replace your tire soon in the future to ensure you have a spare again. The compact spare, though, is a different story. The compact spare, or donut tire, is smaller than your normal car tire and usually has a speed limitation and time of use limitation.The next time you are in need, the service team at Tyler Ford is your expert in tire replacement for your vehicle. We wish you the safest of travels on the road!

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