Ford's Blind Spot Information System Can Prevent Accidents

Have you ever found yourself ready to change lanes while driving only to glance back and notice another car is in your blind spot? Most drivers have, but these too-close-for-comfort incidents are responsible for lots of accidents. Not everyone remembers to take a look rather than relying on their mirrors.

This is why Ford utilizes a Blind Spot Information System that uses sensors installed on your vehicle to alert you of an approaching vehicle of which you may not be aware.

Included with the BLIS is the Cross Traffic Alert which switches on whenever you put the vehicle into reverse. It lets you know is another car is approaching on either side of you and can detect dangers as far away as 45 feet.

In Tyler, TX, you can experience just how the Blind Spot Information System works by visiting Tyler Ford for a test drive. Although nothing can replace good driving habits, this system certainly helps.
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