Ford Taurus has a Myriad of Technology Features

What makes the Ford Taurus a full-size sedan growing in popularity? Perhaps it could be some of these technology features.

Unlike traditional cruise control, the system in the new Taurus is designed to make driving safer and easier. The Taurus comes with the Adaptive Cruise Control that works to scan the road ahead after being set. If a slower moving vehicle comes into range, the cruise control automatically slows down with you hitting the brake, then resumes speed once that slower car is out of range.

Another key technology feature, the Lane-Keeping System, gives the driver the ability to stay safe in the even they drift out of their car lane. The vehicle will send a vibration to the steering wheel so you know it’s time to take corrective action fast.

See these features in more in action when you stop by Tyler Ford and take the Ford Taurus for a test drive.

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