SUV’s and Hydroplaning

Sports utility vehicles (SUV’s) are often big, strong vehicles. These big cars also have wide wheel-bases, and they frequently feature large and sturdy tires. While the wide tires and suspensions of these vehicles can provide some extra stability, they are still subject to the dangerous effects of hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning strikes when thin layers of water build up beneath moving tire treads. This mini-wave can completely separate tires from road-surfaces, with expensive results.

In order to prevent your large vehicle from succumbing to the effects of hydroplaning, you should avoid using your cruise-control during wet weather. You should also drive at least 10-miles an hour under posted speed limits during rainy weather, and you should ensure that your tires are in road-worthy condition.

Modern tires are complex devices that often require professional attention. Here at our service center located in Tyler, TX, our certified suspension systems staff members can give your system a thorough inspection, and they can provide you with care and maintenance tips. For a no-obligation visit, come to Tyler Ford today.

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