When Ford set out to create a dynamic hybrid, everyone wondered what it would look like. The Ford Fusion Energi is a fresh take on the classic sedan. While many people have said it’s an everyday car, there’s so much more to this exciting sedan that has ranked so highly in its class for safety and performance. Whether you are looking at the comfortable interior or just like the sporty new design, the Energi can get you where you need to go, and you’ll save a lot of money doing it.

The Ford Fusion offers excellent acceleration. You easily pass on the highway, and it’s not struggling to accelerate when you are in traffic either. That’s because the motor and engine work together for a seamless experience. You’ll love the way that the Fusion Energy shifts and allows you to keep your gas while you drive.

There aren’t any other cars like the Ford Fusion Energi on the road today. Why not take a test drive at Tyler Ford located in Tyler, TX?

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