The Ford Flex Has Comfort Features That Make Cruising Convenient

There are many popular SUVs in Ford's product line, such as the Flex. This spacious automobile is a great product because it has practical features that make daily trips more convenient for passengers.

Summer weather doesn't make adventures in a Ford Flex unpleasant. When the temperature rises, you can beat the heat and save fuel by letting air circulate through the multi-panel Vista Roof. Fresh air moves quickly in a Ford Flex as it has roof panels in three zones. The Flex also has cozy seats that provide comfort. Each seat is designed with a plush headrest and convenient power-adjustment features.

If you step into a Ford Flex's cabin, you can explore other standard comfort features. At Tyler Ford, the process of accessing a Ford Flex is easy because we have many cars on our lot. We offer great customer service, convenient financing, and test drives at our dealership in Tyler, TX.

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