Do you have serious cargo requirements for a new pickup? Are you planning to haul heavy items? If so, the Ford F-150, a popular full-size pickup truck, might be just the vehicle you need to transport products around Tyler.

The F-150 is built with an optional best-in-class payload rating. The secret? The incredible 5.0L V8 engine, which gives you a thrilling 395 horsepower. With its dual fuel injectors, this engine also manages up to 400 lb-feet of torque. That means that you can load up the truck bed without sacrificing power.

Sometimes, you need extra room to store cargo in your truck. Enter the roomy cab of the F-150 — with multiple storage compartments, this pickup has space for everything. Plus, the flat rear floor allows hassle-free loading when time and efficiency matter. See how much you can pack in when you test drive the F-150 at Tyler Ford.



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