New Ford Expedition for Sale in Tyler, TX

New Ford Expedition in Our Inventory

Customers purchasing a new Ford Expedition from Tyler Ford want a vehicle with a strong reputation. But SUV buyers around Lindale also want a crossover that includes modern upgrades and improvements. Fortunately, the Ford Expedition offers both of these benefits.


Why Should You Choose a Ford Expedition?

A new Ford Expedition is offers everything you could want from an SUV near Tyler. The vehicle offers both comfort and advanced performance. You'll be able to haul cargo while also being able to provide a comfortable ride experience for others. Do you need a daily commute vehicle? The Ford Expedition will work great for you. But if you also need the strength to travel through tough terrains, the Expedition can handle the rough road ahead.

How Is the Ford Expedition Unique?

When you purchase a Ford Expedition near Jacksonville, TX, you can make several customizations to make the vehicle uniquely yours. Add packages to increase stealth or performance. Upgrade already advanced technology to make your vehicle even safer to drive. Pick a vehicle package or trim level that is better suited to the type of terrain that you are going to be driving.

What Types of Ford Expeditions Are Available?

The Ford Expedition offers six different trim levels. The differences in these trim levels can be found in the amount of horsepower, the type, and size of wheels, and the interior luxury design details offered. The trim levels also vary in price, making it easier for you to pick the best Ford Expedition for your budget. Regardless of what you find on our lot in Tyler, you can get your Ford Expedition your way when you custom order your next SUV.

How Does the Ford Expedition Handle Hauling?

No matter what type of trim level you or additional packages you choose, you can be confident that your Expedition will be able to tow or haul almost anything you need. Whether you are hauling trailers, boats, or other vehicles, the Ford Expedition will do the job.

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