Have a Happy Halloween By Staying Safe on the Road

Halloween is a night many look forward to. It's also a night that can be dangerous for pedestrians. People enjoying the holiday on foot and behind the wheel of a car both have a responsibility to plan ahead and watch out for each other.

Young children may be clueless on how to conduct themselves while on the road. Therefore, it is essential that they are accompanied by somebody older for their safety. Also, ensure that they stay visible by applying reflective tape to their costumes and giving them flashlights.

If you're driving meanwhile, turn your headlights to stay visible and drive slower through residential areas than you normally would. If you see a car parked on the side of the road, use caution. It could be dropping off children who are trick-or-treating.

Also, consider getting your car serviced before Halloween. Being alert and careful is important, but it won't do you much good if your brakes (or something else) stops working. Contact the service center at Tyler Ford in Tyler, TX to schedule an appointment today.

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